How to Tucker Toki

It’s been raining a lot lately.  And Toki has been getting a little stir crazy.

Lacking a back yard, in inclement weather we like to take Toki down to the residential parking level and let her run around in the secure, open space.  I know, it’s a big concrete box, but it’s better than nothing!  We play tug of war, hide and seek, and practice having her run from person to person as we call her name and feed her treats.

When we’re all sick of running around the parking garage, we also give her kongs – basically a hollow toy that can be filled with peanut butter, pieces of cheese, kibble, and other treats.  (A “Kong” is one brand of this toy, but you can find many variations at your local pet supply store.)  Toki will then spend an hour working her delicious nibbles out of the toy.  It burns off some of her excess energy (physical and mental!).  We usually find her passed out somewhere after the kong is thoroughly emptied.

One nice trick if you use kongs – stuff and freeze them in advance.  Not only will they last longer, but it will help keep sticky peanut butter off your floors.  Also, I love having a supply in the freezer to grab when we’re running late for a dinner or event where Toki has to stay at home.  When we give her a kong, she doesn’t even glance our way as we head out the door.

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