Costumes for Dogs, or, You Can’t Turn a Dog into a Monkey

So my much-anticipated monkey costume for Toki finally arrived in the mail, and, well, the thing doesn’t fit!  It’s a lot like trying to buy mail order pants – they look good in the catalog, but sometimes you just have to try them on in the store.

Although the body of the costume fits Toki’s torso, the head and ears portion of the monkey costume is way too big and flops around on her head.  If I adjust it just right, I’m rewarded with a few seconds of Toki-monkey.  And then the ears fall over to the side and she looks like she’s draped in a random piece of brown fleece.  (Sigh.)

Toki was a great sport though.  At first, she plopped onto her bed and gave me sad eyes as I fussed around with the head portion of the costume.  Then she discovered the extra curly monkey tail hanging near her rear end and started chewing on it.  Finally, she wandered over to the couch and found her bone, which she proceeded to gnaw while I snapped photos.  Despite the monkey-like appearance captured in this photo, I assure you that the effect is only temporary.

Despite my best efforts, I’m stymied.  I really want to go to the Halloween parties, but Toki doesn’t have a costume.  When I don’t have a costume, I usually just draw myself a black nose and some whiskers, maybe add a tail or ears, and call it a day.  This approach won’t work with Toki obviously, because she already has all of those things. . .  Maybe I should add horns?  (I knew I should have bought that sheep costume!)

Readers – any suggestions?

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3 Responses to Costumes for Dogs, or, You Can’t Turn a Dog into a Monkey

  1. ann says:

    aww she looks so cute in that photo! as for a new costume–toki would make a beautiful white unicorn, or pegasus… 🙂

  2. furfilled says:

    What a great suggestion. Maybe next year . . . !

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