Toki Takes on the Tuffy

A few weeks ago, I bought Toki a “Tuffy”, billed as “the world’s ‘Tuff’est soft dog toy”.  To be fair, I bought her a toy ranked 7 out of 10 on the Tuff-scale.  Because Toki was ripping up her old puppy toys, I figured that the Tuffy horse would be a good bet.

I came home and trotted the Tuffy horse around in front of Toki, who looked skeptical.  But when I made some horse noises, she jumped up and pounced on it.  Satisfied that she liked the toy, I went upstairs to check my email.  Ten minutes later, I came back downstairs to find Toki gleefully pulling entrails of stuffing out of the horse’s rear end.

Poor Tuffy.

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3 Responses to Toki Takes on the Tuffy

  1. ann says:

    She really needs to be employed as a QA tester. 🙂

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