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Strut Your Mutt in Santa Monica

Don’t miss tomorrow’s Strut Your Mutt walk and dog festival, tomorrow at the Santa Monica Pier!  The one mile walk starts at 8:30 and ends with a dog fair where you and your best friend can enjoy “doga”, a dog … Continue reading

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Hollywood Pals

Here are more friends from Zoom Room Hollywood. Toki exchanged kisses with an adorable Border Collie puppy.  The two of them were moving so fast, most of my pictures were just a blur of black and white. And we were … Continue reading

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Zoom Room Grand Opening

Last Sunday, Toki attended the grand opening of Zoom Room Hollywood. Toki made new friends. And danced the evening away at the Dog Disco. I haven’t been to the Zoom Room dog agility classes, but they look fun! Look for … Continue reading

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The Pioneer Basset

I’m a big fan of the blog, The Pioneer Woman.  She has great recipes, great horse photos, and best of all, really funny stories about her basset hound, Charlie. Charlie often finds himself in the most incongruous of situations… For … Continue reading

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Shar-Peis and Poodles

According to a recent article in Wired Magazine, Huskies are descended from Shar-Peis, and German Shepherds are descended from Standard Poodles!  Check out the article below (click on the photo to zoom in). What are your pup’s origins?

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The Furminator

One adjustment to having a new pup is learning to manage the flying storms of hair in the house.  Thank goodness for the Furminator!  It’s an ingenious brush that removes the undercoat of shedding fur while leaving the outer coat … Continue reading

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Paws Up!

Puppies have the darndest sleeping positions. Paws up. With a twist. Around the planter. Against the wall.

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Her stint as a fire watcher.

For a few days, Toki helped watch for fires at the Morton Peak Fire Tower. She liked it so much, she didn’t want to come down.  (Actually, I had to carry her down the stairs because it was a little … Continue reading

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The cuteness of paws

Paws . . . Paws are so cute. No matter what way you look at them. Especially when they belong to a puppy.

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Toki is a . . .

For the longest time, we’ve been wondering what Toki was.  In a previous post, I asked what you thought.  Poll results showed a pretty good consensus that Toki was part Shepherd, but what else was she? We found a DNA … Continue reading

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