The Selective Fetch

Over the weekend, we had the opportunity to visit a friend’s house in the hills of Hollywood.  The yard, with sweeping views from downtown Los Angeles to Catalina, was securely fenced, so Toki had the rare opportunity to hang around outside, all by herself.  She spent the good part of her evening just gazing out at the view.

We were having a small party that night, and to celebrate, Josh popped a bottle of champagne.  The cork flew through the air and tumbled down the steep hill into some bushes.  Toki didn’t seem to notice the cork, she was still drinking in the view and the interesting smells drifting her way on the breeze.

About thirty minutes later, we’re all sitting around inside, drinking our champagne, when in trots Toki, very matter of fact, carrying the champagne cork in her mouth.  She marches over to Josh and offers it to him.

This is from a dog that doesn’t fetch.

I guess Toki has good taste.

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