Himalayan Cheese Stick

One of our favorite treats for Toki are the Himalayan Dog Chews.  They’re made from a yak milk cheese that’s dried for weeks in the sun.  It’s an all-natural chew, free of chemicals and preservatives.

Toki goes wild for the cheesy taste.  They last a long time (when she was a puppy – more than a week, now it’s down to a matter of hours, but still better than a dental bone or biscuit!), they don’t smell bad like bully sticks, and I like the fact that they’re not made from the skin of a dead animal.  Drawbacks are the small bits of cheese that flake off during chewing, and the high price tag.  But the impressively long chew time and the vegetarian (not vegan!) nature of the treat is worth it to me.   It’s also all natural, so it’s a nice alternative to plastic and rubber chew bones.

If you give the cheese stick to your dog, try limiting the amount of time with the chew to make sure that the cheese agrees with your pup’s stomach.  I’m also careful with the stick when it gets small enough to present a choking hazard.  For that reason, I always buy the largest size stick for Toki.

I like to buy my cheese sticks from The Modern Dog on Abbot Kinney.  But you can also find them online.

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    Sujan K Shrestha

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