Toki is a . . .

For the longest time, we’ve been wondering what Toki was.  In a previous post, I asked what you thought.  Poll results showed a pretty good consensus that Toki was part Shepherd, but what else was she?

We found a DNA test called Wisdom Panel, that we were able to administer at home.  The Wisdom Panel test had the largest universe of testable dog breeds, including the Korean Jindo and Akita, which were front runners in my mind.

Three weeks later, the results showed that Toki was at least 25% German Shepherd Dog, at least 12.5% Chow, and… at least 50% Siberian Husky!!

Toki is distantly related to this guy…

But he’s a mini husky!  Can you believe how tiny he is?  He’s the same age as Toki!

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