First Day

Toki found us through, a fantastic website that connects adoptable pets to interested families. Animal Advocates Alliance rescued Toki from a shelter in east Los Angeles where she was picked up as a stray. Can you imagine her walking the mean streets at this age? This was Toki on her first day with us.

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6 Responses to First Day

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  2. Oh wow, it’s difficult to fathom a young pup like Toki wandering the streets—it breaks my heart just thinking of it. Thank you for giving Toki a second chance. She has grown up to become a very distinguished lady 😀

  3. Jennifer says:

    I can see how you couldn’t resist her! How cute is she!

    • furfilled says:

      Yes, she was the cutest thing ever! But did I ever tell you the story about how a few minutes later she pooped in my back seat? heehee. I didn’t realize that she had to go to the bathroom (she started whining). Let’s just say that the lines of communication are much clearer these days!

  4. Benny & Lily says:

    Petfinder is awesome
    Benny & Lily

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