We’ve all heard of celebrity-lookalikes, but what about puppy lookalikes?  A few weeks ago, I heard rumors of a Toki-twin spotted on Abbot Kinney.  When we finally ran into Jax, it was like looking at the boy version of Miss T.   We took them both to the dog park for a playdate, where we became thoroughly confused.

Toki and Jax

Wait, did I take the right dog home?

Have you ever met your dog’s twin?

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2 Responses to Twins

  1. Ann says:

    wowsers! seriously uncanny…

    do you still have that photo of dobby’s doppelganger? 😀

  2. furfilled says:

    I do have that picture – I’ll send it over! In fact, I spotted him this morning on the street. You’ll have to bring Dobby over to Venice so they can meet.

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