Hawaii Dreaming

DSC_5951Finally getting around to editing some of my old photos, and found this dreamy guy in my files.  Happy Wednesday everyone.

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A Milo mat

Happy Friday!

(Thanks for the picture Josh P!)

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This was our day today:

Actually, this is a picture of an ongoing exhibition at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), called Metropolis II.

Chris Burden’s Metropolis II is an intense and a complex kinetic sculpture, modeled after a fast paced, frenetic modern city. Steel beams form an eclectic grid interwoven with an elaborate system of 18 roadways, including one 6 lane freeway, and HO scale train tracks. Miniature cars speed through the city at 240 scale miles per hour; every hour, the equivalent of approximately 100,000 cars circulate through the dense network of buildings. According to Burden, “The noise, the continuous flow of the trains, and the speeding toy cars, produces in the viewer the stress of living in a dynamic, active and bustling 21st Century city.”

It’s a fun exhibit — lots of zooming cars and moving parts.  I liked how there was a person standing and tending to the cars in the middle of the exhibit during our visit.  I’m sure it wasn’t meant to be part of the permanent installation, but there was something funny and apt about a full-sized person standing in the midst of the chaotic miniature cityscape.

I certainly felt like I was that guy today . . . We spent most of today prepping Toki for our big move.  Here was her/our schedule:

  • 9:30 AM – anesthesia-free teeth cleaning at Healthy Spot in Santa Monica
  • 10:3o AM – cleaning and packing up all of Toki’s toys, gear, food and sundries for the cross country drive . . . can’t forget her medical records!
  • 12:30 – one last trip to the beaches of Malibu, at the Leo Carrillo State Park (sigh)
  • 2:30 – a quick Furminator de-shedding session at the trailhead of the Zuma Ridge Trail (it’s so much easier to de-shed outside!)
  • 3:00 – a rattlesnake brush up training session . . . best done before leaving California (reputable rattlesnake aversion trainers aren’t common back east)
  • 4:00 – Grom ice cream at the Malibu Country Mart for the humans (with a taste for Toki) to celebrate
  • 5:00 – back home, and time to pack our stuff!!

I have some pictures from Leo Carrillo dog beach and the rattlesnake aversion training that I’ll post next week, but first, I have to recover . . . !

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I admit it, I’m a sucker for People Magazine, US Weekly, and the other celebrity fodder that lines most supermarket checkout lines.  My favorite features are the “Just Like Us” photos, where you can see stars going about their mundane business.  I’m not sure why I find it amusing . . .

So I was excited to discover that fellow dog blogger Shannon, at Her Dog Blog, has a new feature titled “Celebradogs“, featuring the furry friends of famous people.  Who knew Amanda Seyfried’s dog Finn was such a cutie?

My personal favorite celebradog has to be Jennifer Aniston’s Dolly.  She’s a Toki twin!

Uh, Jenn . . . where are you going with my dog??

I can totally imagine a doggie daycare scenario of that 90’s movie, “It Takes Two” (starring the Olsen twins) . . .

Does your dog have a celebradog twin?

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Mad Max

Spotted on Abbot Kinney.

He must have heard that GQ recently dubbed Abbot Kinney Blvd. “The coolest block in America“. . .

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Escape to the Druid Stones

In anticipation of our upcoming move, Josh, Toki and I have been hitting up all of our favorite spots in and outside of Los Angeles.  No greatest hits tour would be complete without a visit to the Sierras.  It’s our favorite spot for rock climbing, and Toki has been accompanying us there since she was a puppy.

Toki with her “bestie” Jeff

This weekend, we headed to Bishop, our home base for weekend climbing and bouldering trips.  We met up with some friends of ours for a day at the magical Druid Stones.  It’s an area perched on a steep hillside above town, with dramatic granite boulders and fantastic views.  The 2,000 foot climb from the valley floor is enough to deter the crowds.  And the strenuous hike makes it a great place to bring your pup for the day.  By the time you get to the top, your dog will probably be content to rest in the shade while you tackle your favorite boulder problems.  The lack of crowds also means that your pup can usually have the run of the place to herself.

Michelle on “Skye Dance”

Admiring the view of Bishop, California

Normally, I’d be climbing the rocks with everyone else, but this weekend, I stuck with Toki’s routine.  We found a comfy spot and watched everyone else climb, we played around on the rocks,  and when we got hot, we lounged in the shade and ate snacks.


It’s not bad, being Toki . . .

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Where We’re Going, and Where We’ve Been

The Daily Toki is back in business!  First, I want to say how much I’ve missed blogging, and connecting with all of our friends and readers.  Miss Toki has been a little sad too.  She likes getting her picture taken.  (Not really . . . but she’s a good sport about it 🙂 )

I’ve gotten emails and Facebook messages from several of my blogging buddies, and I want to apologize for the radio silence.  So . . . what have we been up to in the five months?  I hope I didn’t scare anyone with my last posts, where I mentioned that I was feeling “sick as a dog”.  It was all true, but for a good reason.  Miss Toki is expecting a new sis – and not the doggy kind!!  I had extreme morning sickness starting in November . . . and I spent most of that month bedridden and miserable.  I didn’t feel up to doing much of anything until about mid-January.  So I have about 3 or four months of unanswered email that’s still piled up in my inbox.

As you can see, it’s all good news, but lots of changes too!  Toki has been taking it all in stride.  And she’s had the chance to spend a lot more time with Josh during the past months.  But now that I’m feeling more peppy, I know she’s itching to have some more big adventures.

In fact, this brings me to my second piece of big news.  Josh, Toki and I are moving back east!  Josh and I have spent 8 years in Southern California, and Toki was born here.  We love the bountiful sunshine, raw wilderness, and big mountains of our adopted state, but we’re looking forward to the new adventures on the horizon.  We’re moving to Ohio (my native state), where Toki will get to try her hand at the country life.  (Any tips – City Dog/Country Dog?)

We’re planning our cross country move in mid-April.  I will be taking the train, and Josh and Toki will be trucking it on the interstate.  So I look forward to re-connecting, and to sharing our adventures to come.  It’s going to be a wild ride . . . but I know Toki is up for anything.

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